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An Introduction to Ripple


An introduction to RippleDown Technology, the problems it addresses, and how it relates to other knowledge system technologies.
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The RippleDown Advantage

Traditional expert systems can seem easy to build and maintain, but are in fact very difficult. The RippleDown approach solves this maintenance problem.
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Autovalidation with RippleDown

Biological auto-validation of laboratory results is important in detecting possible errors in laboratory results. RippleDown can provide very high levels of biological auto-validation as a by-product of providing detailed interpretative comments of laboratory data.
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Experience with Long-Term Knowledge Acquisition

Data from 100s of knowledge bases, show that it takes only a few minutes to add a rule, debug the knowledge base and have the system up and running again.
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RippleDown and the Ideal Laboratory Information System

RippleDown used in conjunction with a conventional laboratory information system provides many of the features of the Ideal Laboratory Information System outlined by Sepulveda & Young (2012).
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Challenge with Rules

A discussion on how the use of RippleDown technology enables domain experts to efficiently add rules to Laboratory Information Systems already in use. This paper explores the issues encountered by rules-based systems and how RippleDown overcomes these challenges.
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