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RippleDown Auditor

Manages data quality in real-time

Whilst human error is a common occurrence with any manual process, for health organisations invalid or inaccurate data can not only impact patient diagnosis and treatment, it can cost significant amounts of money in lost revenue, re-work, and customer dissatisfaction.

Auditor enables multiple departments within a laboratory – including data entry, billing and specimen reception – to audit 100% of all data in real-time, whilst flagging suspected errors as they arise.

Auditor is a highly scalable and customisable solution which can be tailored to meet specific requirements.

For Pathologists, Auditor immediately reviews any tests requests at the point of data entry to ensure all information is accurate prior to processing.

By creating a knowledge base that is built on the clinical user’s own decision making process, the laboratory is able to automate a real-time review process to ensure absolute accuracy and increased efficiencies.

Through Auditor, health organisations can improve their data quality, protect and collect missed revenue, improve customer satisfaction, and improve operational efficiencies.

Web based dashboard functionality

The web based dashboard for Auditor provides a graphical and statistical view of your laboratory’s Key Performance Indicators, making it a valuable management tool to further improve quality and drive greater efficiencies.
Through the dashboard, you can:

  • Measure the performance and trends over various timeframes
  • Tailor analysis and reviews to focus on specific areas
  • Access important information from anywhere, at any time