Why RippleDown is right for you

By Michael Reakes, CEO PKS

In 50 words or less:

  • We’re sharing real results achieved through RippleDown to highlight the tangible impact it can have on your business
  • You can put RippleDown to work across your entire clinical workflow, and it will achieve immediate and significant results
  • Resolve data entry and revenue erosion issues, automate appropriate testing, and deliver sophisticated medical interpretations and workflow at scale, as a start

Want more?

Recently we spoke about paving the fastest path to Clinical Decision Support (CDS). By creating an accelerated installation path for CDS, we’ve made it possible for health organisations of all shapes and sizes to reap the benefits of CDS with less than 7 days effort.

Simplicity and time is only one part of the equation though. The other critical component is value.

To complement your accelerated adoption of CDS, we’ve captured real results achieved through RippleDown to highlight just how valuable CDS can be.

Now when it comes to the value of CDS, we could write a book. The clinical, operational, financial and quality gains it delivers are wide-reaching and significant, however we know all great meals start with an entrée, so we’ve created a simple and straight forward one-page value proposition which you can view here.

In addition to highlighting the value and some examples of real results we’ve been able to achieve with clients around the world, we’ve also provided a succinct overview of just how RippleDown differs to other CDS’ in the market.

From training, to rule building, the implementation process and the most notable difference after 6 months of operation, we’ve outlined exactly why RippleDown is right for you.

RippleDown is not only the right choice today, it will continue to be the right choice in months and years from now – in fact it will only continue to get better with age – long after other CDS platforms have reached their limit and seized up, usually within a year.

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