We need to rethink the health C-Suite

The world seems to be changing at accelerated rates. Consider the fact that Google didn’t exist 20 years ago. Or that the iPhone just celebrated its 8th birthday. The pace and impact of change is unprecedented, and is disrupting all markets and industries.

So with all this change and new technology-enabled era we now live in, why are we still holding on to traditional management models?

When the C-suite came into effect, businesses were structured into very clear silos. Business processes were often unavoidably manually intensive and slow, and the customer was someone you physically came into contact with when they needed something.

Today, business lines continue to be blurred, business processes are more connected and automated, and customers now have a second persona – a digital one – which enables you to predict what a person wants or needs, before they do.

With such different business models, requirements and customer dynamics we need to seriously reconsider the health C-suite and the types of executive roles we have within health organisations if we as an industry want to stay relevant and on top of this new world of modern healthcare.

Take IT for example. There is no department within a health organisation or hospital that doesn’t need relevant and timely information; that doesn’t rely heavily on technology; that doesn’t want to know as much information about their patient as possible. So why does IT still sit within its own silo? Why not embed IT in all parts of the business and appoint a Chief Experience Officer. Someone who could help design and implement better patient experiences.

Instead of trying to retrofit today’s health practices into yesterday’s vertical business models, why don’t we design an environment that is reflective of modern patients and healthcare. By redesigning and rethinking health organisations from the top, we can make significant changes in how we understand, engage, and treat our patients by offering a more intelligent, intuitive and seamless experience.

The longer we wait, the bigger the divide becomes.

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