The numbers are in – and they speak for themselves!

By Rob MacLeod, Application Specialist

We’re in a fortunate position to work with a diverse array of health organisations, across multiple clinical domains, all around the world. This not only gives us an insight into the breadth and depth of the impact RippleDown can have across the entire clinical workflow, when we look at the statistics we also get a fascinating insight into the tangible results that are being delivered every day.

Without naming names, we thought we’d start sharing some of the results our clients are achieving across our product suite, as the numbers really paint the picture as to what Clinical Decision Support (CDS) can do from a clinical, operational and financial perspective.

Let’s take a look.

From a clinical perspective, our Expert solution has the ability to automate even the most complex and personalised interpretations, commentary and reports.

In the last year it has interpreted over 28 million cases at an average autovalidation rate of 83% – meaning more that 8 out of 10 cases receive a rich, holistic, patient-centric report generated from an expert’s captured and applied expertise, without any human intervention. The highest performer in our client base during this period achieved 98.7% autovalidation; achieving significant time savings and quality gains.

On average, we estimate that each of our customers saved more than 750 days effort in 2016 whilst also improving the quality and consistency of their reporting.

This value isn’t just being seen by long-serving clients. A new client who began using RippleDown in April, has an average autovalidation rate of 95.7%, proving that CDS wastes no time in delivering value.

Error detection is critical in healthcare, and our Auditor product has audited over 22 million cases in the past year of which 500,000 errors were corrected which would have otherwise compromised the request accuracy, turnaround times of results and operational cost.

So how do you compare?

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