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In health, “good” isn’t good enough
In most businesses, we talk a lot about the 80/20 rule, where 80 percent of results come from 20 percent of your effort. Achieving the last 20% of results is effectively a steep and treacherous path so many just settle for the 80%. In health, it’s a different story. The 20% could impact someone’s diagnosis, treatment and ultimately their life. So while the 80/20 rule is “good” for a lot of other industries, in health it’s not good enough.
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We’ve just paved the fastest path to Clinical Decision Support
PKS now offers an accelerated adoption path to Clinical Decision Support (CDS) which is complemented by the appointment of Erik Legerstee as PKS' European Application Specialist
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How do you take a break from health?
As the year comes to an end, is it possible to take a break from health without sacrificing patient outcomes?
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Changing health outcomes in 3 days at SCL
A look at how Southern Community Laboratories (SCL) was able to leverage RippleDown to improve health outcomes in just three short days.
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Humanising computerised diagnostic aids
Technology is am amazing asset in health, yet doctors are still struggling with computerised diagnostic aids. Perhaps instead of humans learning from computerised intelligence, computers should learn from the human experts.
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