Get the most out of RippleDown with these new enhancements

By Evan Simmons, Global Product Manager

Complacency in technology is counterproductive. Complacency in health technology is dangerous.

The power of technology is its ability to push us forward, often into exciting new territory. Whether it be understated actions such as digital to-do lists, or sophisticated innovations such as Artificial Intelligence, technology has the capacity to make life easier, smarter, richer, and even healthier.

For a health technology company, we are constantly looking at ways to improve and progress our products to ensure we stay ahead of the curve, and so our clients are able to get the most out of RippleDown.

Over the last 18 months in particular, we have invested a lot in our technology and made a number of enhancements, a lot of which were a result of direct conversations we’ve had with our clients.

Instead of listing them all, I’m just going to call out a few which I think will be of particular interest.

RippleDown renovation

One of the most obvious enhancements we’ve made has been to the overall design and user experience of our RippleDown application. Now with a cleaner, more modern and simpler look and feel, we’ve made RippleDown more intuitive and easier to use.

Leave a trail

We have now added an Audit Trail which provides comprehensive record keeping to ensure complete traceability of all changes to a knowledge base, which is particularly useful in satisfying regulatory body requirements.

High alert

With the introduction of Queue Alerts, you can now customise alerts for queues from the queue editor. You can also configure more than one alert for any queue, with different parameters and alert recipients, even escalating alerts when necessary.

New syntax

We continue to add new natural language syntax to our already extensive library to increase the versatility that users have to extract value and information from their data. To view our up to date syntax library see our summary sheet.

Protect your data

We know that security is of upmost importance so we’ve added some new features to make RippleDown even more robust and secure. For example, we now have automatic log out, case sensitive passwords, and the ability to add organisational privacy policies.

We are constantly working on new enhancements, so if you have any ideas or feedback about what you’d like to see, please let us know.

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