Pacific Knowledge Systems (PKS) works with health organisations around the world to better capture, manage and leverage their human expertise to improve the performance of their business and deliver better patient outcomes.

PKS owns a patented, new generation, clinical expert intelligence system – RippleDown – which in essence integrates patient data with a knowledge base that is managed by clinical domain experts, to deliver patient-specific reports, recommendation and alerts.

Our RippleDown product suite automates the unique, human decision making process that is critical to healthcare. It does this by replicating a clinical expert’s decision making process at scale, meaning it can accurately interpret data in real-time, eliminating human error to deliver the best possible interpretation of results.

How our technology is different:

  • Patented, new generation clinical decision management system
  • Solutions managed by domain experts, not IT
  • Incremental rule building capabilities
  • One minute to build a new rule
  • Adding new rules does not break existing rules
  • Safe rule building process with conflict checking
  • Deployed over 800 clinical Knowledge Bases
  • Knowledge Bases in production with over 10,000 rules

PKS supports health organisation capture critical information in an accurate, consistent and reliable manner, across multiple data sources. By applying clinical expertise to all data in real-time, our products improve the quality of healthcare, reduce errors, and lower costs.


At PKS our mission is to empower healthcare organisations to better capture, manage and leverage their human expertise, enabling them to improve the performance of their business and patient outcomes.